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VDU Botanikos sodas, Kaunas
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VDU Botanikos sodas, Kaunas

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Suzi Quatro will rock Lithuania in December

On December 8th in Klaipėda and December 9th in Kaunas ageless singer will deliver an impressive shows in which old and new hits complement each other perfectly.

Dressed in black, Suzi Quatro popped into the brightly colored glam rock era of the early 1970s like an alien. There simply wasn't anyone like her in pop music before that. A petite bassist led a band and said with every look and gesture, don't mess with me. On the cover of her first album in 1973 she posed as the leader of a rock band that looked more like a street gang. Three hairy dark guys, one of whom demonstratively has a beer ext (Len Tuckey, whom she later married). Some people were overwhelmed by this, like the newspaper editor who, in an obvious state of hormonal exuberance, formulated the line in 1974 that Suzi Quatro “horns up the little ones with a pounding bass”. That was only part of the truth, because the Detroit rocker also became the heroine and encourager for many girls. But few, like Joan Jett, have tried to do the same.

Suzi Quatro soon left the early stamping rock behind, took the hardness out, became more cuddly. She temporarily switched to musicals, got her own radio show and acted a bit. Her guest appearance as a wild rocker bride in the Inspector Barnaby episode "Mord mit Groove" can still be found in the ZDF media library. And she's still making very good albums. Her last two works, created together with her son, even reappeared in the charts and offer timeless rock music in all its breadth - and the pieces are sometimes even a bit heavier than their debut album. And it is precisely these numbers that Suzi Quatro has incorporated into her program, with which she has been touring the country again for some time.

Suzi Quatro, now 72 years old, rocks together with her eight-piece band through an excellently seasoned program that spans 50 years. She is lively and lively, in good voice and makes many of her greatest contemporaries look really old. She looks like she has a friendly genetic defect—her cells just don't age. She and her band, some of whom are much younger, rock their way through the play list with a bang.

This is a large, high-quality, wide-screen rock cinema. Raw opening hits "Can The Can" and "48 Crash" come across as less rowdy and the new numbers like "The Devil In Me", "No Soul/No Control" or the high-tempo breaker "I Sold My Soul Today", which is clearly based on Deep Purple's "Highway Star", hold their own Album versions of their degree of hardness. And of course the very lightweight hits "If You Can't Give Me Love" and "Stumbelin' In" will not be missing either, which will get the audience out of their seats. Suzi Quatro shows that she can do more than just pluck the bass in a very reserved version of "Can I Be Your Girl", which she plays alone on the piano. Are there ever a cooler rock granny than Suzi Quatro? No.


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Vš.Į. Šou Lyga

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Aušros takas 10-3, LT - 44211, Kaunas

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