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A place, surrounded by forests, wild animals, good spirits, natural and supernatural supportive entities and creatures.

Far from Babilon and very open to liberation of thoughts, body and soul. We are going to create a different midfulness journey. Not only through spiritual growing, but through introspection, self expression, art, movement, music and the whole internal being as well.

Do you want to live clean, clear minded, but aswell dance to electronic music, without any mind altering substances?

We expand the conciousness sober minded through loud electronic music, live, ambient and relaxation music, free movement, tantric view of life in a broad sense, eye-opening self developement practices, creation, self expression, arts, rituals and deep connection with Mother Nature. Often it looks incompatible, but its everyday life for us, which we want to share with the growing tribe of Pajauta!

From live groups to reggae, dub, ambient, techno, psytrance and other electronic music. Self discovery through practices, musical and ecstatic movement journeys, introspection, creative activities and arts. Mother nature will breathe alongside, water, sun, earth and air and the powerful energy of Pajauta land.

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Viešoji įstaiga PAJAUTOS ŽEMĖ

PVM mokėtojo kodas:

Įmonės kodas: 306283177

Eduardo Andrė g. 14-5, LT-02232 Vilnius

Tel. nr.: +370 615 57435

Banko sąsk.: LT78 7044 0901 0529 6800

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